Many drivers ignorant of road code

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to highlight the complete ignorance of the road code by a majority of drivers in Port Moresby.
We are seeing more and more vehicles on the roads but no attempts by authorities to cater for this increase – no widening of roads or even awareness on road rules. 
We have drivers who drive slowly on the right lane, which is supposed to be the fast lane; drivers who do a leisurely 20kph on a main road and holding up traffic; those who blatantly accelerate at junctions when they are supposed to slow down and give way to pedestrians. 
If things continue this way, I predict within the next two to three years, we will be having “rush hour traffic” during the peak hours – in the mornings and after work.
Understanding all these rules could help steady the flow of traffic.
One rule many people do not follow is traffic lights, especially when there is a double column light, where one light indicates traffic to go straight and the other to the right.
When both are red, it means “stop”; when both are green, it means “go straight” and “turn right”.
When the light indicates to go straight is green but the light indicating to go right is red, it means it is all right to go straight but those turning right have to stop.
However, when the light indicating to go straight is green but the light indicating to turn is off or there is no green, orange or red, then those turning right can turn “provided if there is no oncoming traffic”.
Many drivers do not know this and end up waiting and holding up the flow of traffic.
I have to say a certain police unit, driving the Powes Parkop Community Protection van, have no idea this rule exists as the officers proceeded to pull me over last night (Nov 4), slapped me and refused to believe that this rule existed. 
If I have broken the law, then the authorities have to write a new set of road rules because according to the PNG Road Code, the Australian Road Code, the New Zealand Road Code, and almost every other road code in the Commonwealth, I was right. 
Tell me, Mr Policeman, do you know why the light indicating to turn right turns green, orange, red and then goes blank?


Fed up!
Port Moresby