Too many inquiries, not enough action


MADANG Governor Peter Yama has urged the Government to implement the recommendations of the “countless” commissions of inquiry gathering dust in Parliament.
Yama is the leader of the Peoples’ Labour Party which is part of the Coalition Government led by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
Yama said so many commissions had been set up by successive governments and prime ministers but the results and the recommendations had never been followed up.
“We have previous prime ministers and the current one making a lot of decisions to set up inquiry after inquiry. Tens of millions of kina were spent to set up inquiries,” Yama said.
He said one was on the PNG Banking Corporation and another on Finance.
“How many inquiries we have instituted engaging former judges who have now passed away, current judges, engaging judges from Australia, PNG?
“They have completed the inquiries and made their recommendations to this Parliament. And they are still sitting there in this Haus Tambran. Not a single action has been taken.” Yama said.
He called on O’Neill and Leader of Government Business James Marape to seriously look into the matter.
“We need to take action,” Yama said.
He told Parliament not to institute any further commissions because they would be just a waste of time and money.

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