Many of our grads not up to the mark

Letters, Normal

IT is good to love one’s country and be loyal.
However, let us also not be blinded by it and instead be realistic and practical.
In the letter “Wrong decision” (The National, Nov 12), “Patriotic” questioned the decision of the secretary of Labour to amend the Employment (Non-Citizens) Act to allow more foreigners to work in the country.
While we can all agree that the first priority for jobs should go to locals, this is always not possible.
I believe many companies are trying to localise positions but finding suitable candidates in PNG is difficult.
This has been the situation for years and is likely to continue for many more.
Students and graduates from schools and universities in PNG are, unfortunately, usually not up to par.
The few good graduates are quickly snapped up even before they leave the university.
Also skills and academic qualifications alone do not make a good employee.
A good employee who wants to achieve a rewarding career must have a host of other attributes such as good discipline, honesty, responsibility, etc.
They must stop the attitude that they can turn up for work as and when they wish.
The country is going through a boom period and there is an unprecedented increase in demand for services, accommodation, goods and others.
We cannot wait for our local institutions and the Government to get their act together to ensure that we have the people with the required skills and attitude to take up the many jobs available.
To do so would be to impede growth and those who will lose out are not just the companies but also the people of PNG.
So, to the writer and other like-minded Papua New Guineans, yes, be loyal to the country, but please also be realistic and practical.
We must look for the best solution and not be blinded by emotions. That is not going to put food on the table.
I would advise Papua New Guineans to think positive and grab any opportunity to learn new skills or enhance what they already have.
Certainly, Papua New Guineans can be as capable as anyone if they are prepared to put their mind and soul into it.


Port Moresby