Many politicians do not understand PNGDF


THE Papua New Defence Force (PNGDF) structures and organisation was formed as a result of an Act of parliament and thereby accompanied by a set of rules and guidelines from which different functions are effected after the independence.
The PNGDF was still controlled by the Australian Defence Force after Independence to foster strength and growth over time until we were ready to operate independently to support the Government as a sovereign nation in time of emergency and war.
The rank and file within the PNGDF structure was inherited from Australia Defence Force or the Commonwealth are standard based on the size of a military force and structure.
PNGDF is a brigade size force and only appropriate to have a brigadier as the commander.
Our structure does not allow for a major general in rank because the size of our force in real time is less than 2,500 fit and active members and should not promote officers based on proposed plan and projections stipulated in the so called Defence White Paper.
The problem now is that politicians do not understand the military traditions well enough to make in some cases unilateral decisions which are bad for the force going forward when rank and file structures are discussed without understanding the PNGDF well.
Col Mark Goina is currently the best man for the job and its timely.
His promotions in rank is not what the Defence minister had alluded, but he will have to be promoted to brigadier and spend time in the rank to qualify for the next rank.
Increase the size of the force to qualify for any more changes.

Former Soldier,