Many rivers to cross

Momase, Normal

Words and picture by BUSTIN ANZU

Civilisation has not changed PNG for the better as there are some parts of the country that lack basic Government services. The Kotae footbridge in Menyamya, Morobe province, has played an important part of linking villages to the Menyamya goverment station. Kapiak, Kongi, Pilei, Atzawa, Wiwase and Mandowas villages have been using the bridge to cross Kotae River over the past decade for mothers to sell their produce, children to go to school and communities who seeking Government services. The smiles of these  boys, Maxwell and Rumusy Steven, Owen Atman and Kolpi Somi says that although they may not have the best bridge, they still enjoy it. Villagers cross the river at several locations when the tides are low but when there is a heavy downpour up in the mountains, they use the footbridge. For the safety of children, villagers hope the Government will build a permanent bridge.