Many ways to make money

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday October 14th, 2013

 I SUPPORT the concept and the idea behind Governor Powes Parkop’s ban on betel nuts in the city.

I am a betel nuts chewer and I do not mind quitting because it will not hurt. 

It is only a waste of money and is unhealthy to the body. It also generates too much filth in the city. 

We have to be proud of Port Moresby. We  have to look after the city and take pride in its environment. 

My family sells betel nuts which is a fast money making commodity to earn money for our daily living. However, we decided to stop after the ban was instituted. 

We are now going to sell garden produce food to earn money. 

My advice to those who normally sell betel nuts is, there are many ways of earning money in the city. 

There is no such thing as fast money making with betel nuts selling given the scenario we are in now. 


Petrus Magufipa

Port Moresby