MAPNG official impressed with progress at Tembari

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STUDENTS in their uniforms at the Tembari Children’s Centre (TCC) in Port Moresby impressed Malaysian Association of PNG (MAPNG) fundraising chairman Ivan Lu yesterday.
Lu said the improved level of organisation at the centre from kindergarten to primary school level with grades one to five students wearing uniforms was progress.
He was accompanied by the MAPNG president Pang Heng Chew and a representative of the Malaysian High Commission – second secretary Mohd Rezza Mohd Yusof. “Each time I come here I actually see progress,” Lu said while presenting a cheque for K50,000 to the centre at the ATS Settlement yesterday.
Lu said MAPNG started supporting TCC in 2010 when it learnt that the centre had some difficulties and needed help and so allocated funds for it as usual from the K900,000 it raised this year.
He said over the 10 years, the association had supported the centre with a total of K435,000.
He urged the management of the centre to be transparent and accountable with the funds.
“Because we are getting money from many people and business houses, we’ve got to be responsible for these people,” he said. “Ensure that all the money given is spent wisely with no abuse so that trust is built and we will continue to support you in the years to come.”
Lu said the centre was doing a good job to help the ATS community prosper and his organisation would continue to support it.
TCC founder and director Hayward Sagembo said it was the funds from MAPNG that had sustained the school and operation of the organisation so far.