Maprik MP’s work hailed


THANK you Maprik MP John Simon for facilitating the establishment of the Divine Word University and University of Goroka study centres in Maprik.
For the first time, people from Maprik – including Yangoru, Wosera and Drekikir – will enjoy the services of these tertiary institutions without having to travel far.
Developing human resources in the district is a positive step towards the district’s success and prosperity.
Despite the development of infrastructure in the district, capital, land and policies will mean nothing without human expertise.
With expertise people can create opportunities out of capital, land and policies.
Apart from that, I’d like to ask the good MP to rebuild and reestablish the old vocational centre to allow for technical skills training up to diploma level.
If you can do that, then Maprik will have a higher human index in 10 years’ time.

Seiwok Batowin, Via Email