Maprik to host culture show

National, Normal

The National, Monday June 24th, 2013


EAST Sepik’s Maprik district will host a cultural and agricultural show in September.

Maprik MP John Simon revealed this last Wednesday during a yam harvest ceremony at Serakum village.

He said the district was hosting the show to revive the Abelam culture and tradition.

Abelam is name given to a special group of people in Maprik and Wosera who speak the same language and share the same culture and traditions.

Those people are very popular in yam ceremonies with the building of Haus Tambaran. 

Simon, who belongs to the Abelam people, is behind the idea of reviving their cultural activities in his electorate.

“We do not want our good traditions, customs and culture to die away, therefore we must do something to revive it,” he said.

He said the show would involve all the five local level governments in the district.

“There will be an open invitation to the other five districts in the province to come and participate in the show,” he said.

The show’s organising committee are working to come up with an events programme.

One of the highlights of the show will be the people of Abelam, who will showcase their yams and artefacts.

Simon presented K10,000 to the Serakum Cultural Group to help it organise their cultural item for the show.