Maraba family thanks leaders and community

Letters, Normal

The National

ON behalf of the Maraba family in the Waterais area and the people of Markham, I would like to thank Morobe Governor Luther Wenge and Markham MP Konnie Iguan, Morobe department officers, Tutumang and district administrator of Mutzing station and his staff for the respect shown and accorded to our late chief Thaney Maraba.
I also take this opportunity to commend all the officers and men who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that all aspects of the funeral went on smoothly.
The people appreciated Mr Wenge’s recognition of the late Mr Maraba not only as a chief of our area, but also for his services to politics, community and church activities.
A special thank you is in order for the deputy leader of Opposition, Bart Philemon, who spoke from his heart at the funeral service.
The Member for Bulolo and his council presidents must also be commended for their contribution of food and pigs.



Watam Afing