Maramuni connects by solar phone

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PEOPLE living in remote Maramuni at the Enga and East Sepik provinces border are at last connected to the rest of the world.
A solar-powered radio-telephone was officially declared open to public use by local MP and Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Abal last Thursday.
The telephone was installed in the Maramuni sub-district office.
Mr Abal urged people not to misuse the phone and to use it only when there was a problem or a genuine need.
He told hundreds of people gathered near the Maramuni airstrip that they were fortunate to receive such a service.
“Communication is very important and can change their life, unlike in the past when they had to walk long distances and sleep two days in the jungle before reaching Wabag town to make telephone calls.”
Mr Abal said the telephone would also make the job of his district administration easier to communicate with public servants in Maramuni.
“The telephone is powered by the solar panels.
“Look after the panels and telephone. If the panels or telephone are damaged or destroyed, they will lose the service, so treasure what is available to everyone,” he added.
Mr Abal also told the people that he had plans to set up a rural police station in Maramuni.