Marape: Cabinet will be fairly represented


PRIME Minister James Marape said his cabinet line-up will be fairly represented with vibrant and experienced leaders from the coalition partners.
Marape said this after the swearing in of his caretaker government ministers by the Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae on Friday.
Marape appointed a team of seven experienced members as caretaker ministers, representative of the coalition parties in his government.
He said he would be fair to his coalition partners and the country in allocating ministerial portfolios.
“We will expedite in the process of appointment of cabinet in due course,” Marape said.
“Now I am in the process to ascertain what amount of talents that we have in our government ranks.
“In the name of equitable and fair distribution of ministries to all regions of our country and to all the political parties in the coalition mix and hopefully early or some time next week, we have that announcement on the full Cabinet.
“I am happy to announce the seven who will be taking care of Government until the full Cabinet is announced.”
James Marape – Public Service, Public Enterprises and State Investments; Solan Mirisim – Foreign Affairs, Defence, Commerce and Industry, Civil Aviation, Fisheries and Forest; Richard Maru – Finance, Petroleum and Energy, Inter-Government Relations and Community Development; Sam Basil – National Planning, Health, Housing, Communication and Information Technology and Higher Education; Johnson Tuke – Mining, Transport, Culture and Tourism, Correctional Services and Environment, Conservation and Climate Change; Davis Steven – Justice and Attorney-General, Labour and Industrial Relations, Agriculture and Livestock, Lands and Physical Planning; Michael Nali – Works, Bougainville Affairs, Immigration and Border Security; and, Charles Abel – Treasury, Education and Police.