Marape condemns misuse of funds

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FINANCE Minister and Tari-Pori MP James Marape says the Government will not tolerate officers who are stealing from the public purse.
Marape said the Government would suspended officers who continued to abuse funds at provincial or district level and investigate them.
“We will not tolerate officers who are designated to supervise proper disbursement of funds that are meant for goods and services,” Marape said.
“If you can kindly furnish the correct evidences of misappropriation, stealing or corruptly operating the provincial treasury without due processes as stipulated by law to manage public money, then we will take action.
“Collect evidences, point to where the officers have made the mistakes and I will get Finance Secretary Ken Ngangan to ensure that they are stepped down and proper investigations follow suit to punish such officers.”
West Sepik Governor Tony Wouwou had claimed that some provinces had not developed because officers were misusing and abusing funds.
He said this had been going on “for a very long time” and as a result, the public services in those provices had deteriorated.
“What are we going to do about these sorts of people who without our approval and understanding have been stealing the provincial services improvement programme funds?” Wouwou said.
Marape said he did not have powers to terminate them but could suspend them pending investigations.
“If the investigations affirmed and confirmed that these officers have misused the funds, then they would be terminated from public service employment,” Marape said.


  • Thank you Hon MP and Governor of Sandaun Province to raise this point. And a sharp response from Hon Minister for Finance to the issue.
    Otherwise, can the Finance Minister also direct the responsible investigation team to the look into the Hon Members of the Parliament..?
    Let’s not point fingers to the Provincial and District levels only but on all levels of the Government sectors where Public funds are allocated for public consumption and not individuals benefits.
    Over to you Finance Minister, Hon James Marape..

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