Marape eyes modern hospitals


PRIME Minister James Marape says the Government will begin to build modern provincial hospitals in the 22 provinces and one major upgraded referral hospital in Port Moresby beginning next year into 2025.
Marape made the statement at a meeting with provincial administrators and Covid-19 State of Emergency (SOE) Controller David Manning in Port Moresby last Thursday discussing the SOE
and its implementation.
He said work would begin on three to four provincial hospitals next year and wanted provincial administrators to do an audit of the health services in their respective provinces as well as on education and other services.
Marape said his Government, out of the Covid-19 pandemic, was province-focused and wanted the provincial administrators to take stock of what was in their provinces and where the Government could assist.
“We are all about decentralisation,” he said.
“We are a country of diversity and the Government has a new generation of leaders who want to grow the provinces and I urge you all to think big, plan for the provinces and we will assist.”
Marape said funds were being sent to the provinces and this would continue and he wanted each province to build its overall capacity and systems as well as at the district level.
He said administrators had a big responsibility with their provincial assemblies to bring change.


  • Sounds good in the meeting. Those district adminstrators must immediately provide your forward planing and this projects must come in all districts before covid 22 elections.

  • I wonder if the PM can hang onto power till 2025 to see this through. A lot of hot air and nothing tangible so far.

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