Marape gives update on progress of Papua LNG project


THE Papua LNG project in Gulf will move into pre-Feed (front end engineering and design) in September, Prime Minister James Marape says.
“Papua LNG will move into pre-Feed in September after the financial stability agreement was signed in February,” he said.
“It is my expectation that as the country celebrates its 46th Independence anniversary on Sept 16, we will observe much progress in the Porgera mine, Papua LNG and Pasca A P’nyang and Wafi-Golpu projects.”
Marape said the Government was focused on achieving better deals for the country in P’nyang and Wafi-Golpu projects as well.
“My Government has established the SNT (State negotiating team) for P’nyang and will be commencing talks with ExxonMobil and its partners later this month both here and in Houston (Texas) to progress this project,” he said.
“For Wafi-Golpu, the Government has cleared the term sheets, and it is expected that parties will convene this month to establish negotiation pathways for formal negotiations with all stakeholders.
“Without changing the laws or using proposed new laws we are getting far superior deals based on government policy-based negotiations with our investors.
“For Porgera, we are getting 65 and to 35 per cent in favour of the State in the first five years, we are getting an average 55 per cent to 45 per cent in favour of the State upfront. The last agreement any government has secured stopped at 51 per cent project economic, gains to PNG for the Papua
LNG project by the O’Neill government.”
Marape said the current Government had negotiated a better deal for Twinza’s Pasca A project.
“The production levy was negotiated up to a new level at five per cent for the petroleum sector, royalty and development levy calculations have now shifted positively for PNG to two per cent straight on the gross revenue with no deductions, five per cent of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is secured – which is sufficient to replace the current volume of LPG imported for the domestic market – and the project’s National Content Plan will be tied into the Pasca A project gas agreement.”


  • PMJM and your government have done this country proud for negotiating the best deal with Barrick Gold Limited. You will continue to get the peoples support as you continue this trend with the rest of other deals involving big projects in mining, gas, fisheries, forestry and Agriculture.

  • Great destruction to economy, country and its people.Members of the Parliament and people are blindfolded.
    Too much plan for limited time frame.Little will done from these plans and will be headache for next government.

    • I have watched this same PMJM giving the same sweet talk about his negotiations with the mini g and oil and gas projects for better deals two years ago and he is still saying the same talks today without any frution.
      Why are we blessed with natural resources such as oil and gas gold mines copper mines etc and yet PNG is so poor. Simple facts is PNG has to invest money into these projects to become the part owner of these projects to make money for your country.
      Nothing is free in this world..if you are expecting to get it freely then it is a Cargo Cult idea not a reality in the case of porgera. PM JM said PNG will not pay any money. Barrick will pay to open the mine and will get its money back over 10 years of operation. Hope Porgera will still have some gold reserve left after 10 years of mining for PNG?


  • No prime minister is a genius, no prime minister will transform Port Moresby into blazing Singapore overnight. Current prime minister is doing what he thinks is good for this country in future. Benefits and rewards of his decisions may not flow in the not too distant future. It will take years when he may not be here.
    Am not related to PMJM nor do I know him personally but am Papua New Guinean.
    The population must not convict him without a crime instead we can ask God to guide him, in turn he will guide this nation…we are in safe hands…

  • Enough with the sweat talks the country right now, it’s going downfall, due to economy failure. Does the PMJM have any strategicali idea, interms of moving this country forward and come up with new incentives, in betterment of this great nation. We cannot blame or pick on the past governments leaders don’t point fingers they take it both hands and take any issues as their own.

  • PMJM is actually walking his ‘talk’. He is the type of leader people need in this times of SOS, especially to perform some difficult tasks and does it right in a limited space of time to safe his people and country.

    He cannot get past the target mark he promised to embark upon but at least he is getting closer enough in terms of negotiating benefits for Porgera, Papua LNG and now Pasca A.

    PMJM is a intelligent leader and he has the people and the country under his spell of progress and good leadership.

  • Even we have highly educated PM and members in the parliament current and the previous government regime but we still facing economic crisis. The corruption index of PNG is very disturbing. We see Government ministers and members implicated for millions of Kina. Majority of the members of the parliament are very corrupted, only few people have Integrity. At least now we have our new PM who is really bold enough to come against corruption like the UBS loan and others. This investigation is the right approach that will publically expose certain individuals and driver fear into others. This kind of approach is the way forward to see our country economically progress. This PM is totally different from others.

  • Well done PMJM and his team with the negotiations. More bux for the country and fat pockets for the Bureaucrats!

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