Marape government hanging by a thread


THE coronavirus threat serves as the reason for the Marape government’s existence. A government without polices, plans and strategic direction is railing entirely on one man’s dream – wishful thinking – of turning the country into a rich, black, Christian, nation in 10 years.
The only single ethnic state to reach world’s power centre stage is Israel – the only Jew state in the world.
One year and two months in power, there’s no sign indicating Marape’s Papua New Guinea on the path to progress and match Israel in 10 years.
Instead Marape’s debacles have dwindled and the country is far worse off when he took power.
Under his watch a K28 billion debt accrued over eight years is further extended to K30 billion in just one year.
Further borrowing continues unabated on the so-called Covid-19 stimulus packages.
The irony is while debt is speeding downhill, revenue is put on hold with the expropriation of Porgera gold mine and suspension of the P’ynang LNG and other prospects.
Investor confidence is all time low and there is no other major economic intervention on sight to help jump-start the dying economy.
With a vote-of-no-confidence coming in November, the Government is having a hard-on to create another diversion as an alternative funding source or extend the Covid-19 state of emergency and its never-ending stimulation.

David Lepi


  • God is in control of this government so every thing would go well to return back to power if opposition tries its best to over throw this government through vote of no confidence. The leader is God fearing leader leading the nation so we will be saved. Just give him more time to continue his good work for the good of this nation and its people.

  • Marape Steven Government, so far so good, you and your team of like minded are the best we have had. Vote of no confidence is nothing when God is on your side.

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