Marape: Govt to look at free education policy


THE Government will now look at the free education policy that has impacted the quality of education at the lower level, Prime Minister James Marape says.
He told the 2019 PNG Update Forum in Port Moresby last week that he would be talking to parents later this year to get their views on which was burdensome to them, lower level of education where they were paying K200 to K300 in a primary school and high education or tertiary education where they were supposed to fork out K10,000 to K15,000.
“Parents, if you have a child going through tertiary institution, why don’t we relieve your higher education and you contribute partially at the lower level of education,” Marape said.
“Those conversations are something that we are (thinking) through. Give thought to it.
“This is not free, if you want to help your country you will be more or less interest free, so of the loan component you can tag your entire life so long as we know you get out there whether you are employed or not.”
Marape urged university students to consider employing themselves rather than working for others.
“Prepare to come out to employ yourself if you are not an employee. If you are not doing businesses, pick up books about how to do business so you can go into agriculture, landowners businesses, forestry, tourism and fisheries.
“Do something for yourself instead of coming out and waiting for someone to employ you.”

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