Marape hailed for decision


I APPLAUD our Prime Minister James Marape for his decision on Porgera.
It is a historical and hallmark decision demonstrating the seriousness of a very first political leader and prime minister without fear or favour to divert the course of this young resource-rich nation into prosperity.
Only a man that fears no one but God is blessed by courage and wisdom and can stand through thick and thin of times and serve his people guided by the supreme ruler the Lord God Almighty.
Now at the highest echelon of this nation after 30 long years, the PMJM has intervened.
Why are all our regulatory, monitory agencies and political leaders too lenient or simply ignorant all this time?
If only PMJM would sanction investigations into those government agencies to clean up all the corrupt and mall practices.
At this juncture, I want PMJM and everyone, in support of our PM’s stance, to take another serious and closer look at the Ramu Nickel Mine in Madang.
I am concerned about the environmental damages affecting the livelihood of the downstream Ramu River people where their livelihoods depend on the river system.
All leaders and State agencies are becoming liabilities to the state.
I am concerned about this trend as it is likely to detrimentally affect the livelihood of these vulnerable people.
I had been the environmental chemist coordinating the feasibility environmental programme for Ramu Nickel Project before the establishment of the mine.
We had done feasibility testing of all important parameters in the river system and had established several monitoring stations along the river to monitor parameters that would indicate environmental issues of such.
But testings’ and monitoring were not been carried out by the Chinese operator nor the Department of Environment and Conservation.
And now the problems are evident, which clearly shows negligence. And our responsible state agencies are not doing what they were supposed to be doing.
It is over to you PMJM.
Investigate this case and inform the nation.

Nathan Bangulass,
Via email

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