Marape-led Govt lost its integrity


THE Marape Government has lost its integrity and has lost track with the people.
It’s a talking government with no action to justify its talks.
Important services across the country are struggling, workers confidence has diminished and criminal activities are increasing.
Even business houses are crying foul over losses, not to mention the mishandling of the Covid-19 funds from donor countries.
Among these is the 3 per cent increase for public servants which was not addressed.
The time for change through the motion of no confidence is here, so for the good of Papua New Guinea the Government should be put aside for the time being.
Excuses and reasons won’t change the set system.
The ideology of creating the richest black nation and taking back PNG ideology will go down history lane as a failed slogan created to rally unsuspecting citizens of Papua New Guinea.
But in reality this is only a dream.
The country needs a stable and action government lead by a strong headed prime minister who can physically make things happen.
Not just another MP who only talks.



  • KMHL taking over porgera is just a dream, push to relook Renegotiation for Papua LNG a dream, position if the government for P’nyang to be a stand alone a dream, ICAAC bill, ICCC sam koims Appointment, 100M sme fundings, HELP assistance program, various other bills passed this and last year,strategic direction taken in trying to balance the defecit budget by 23.
    YOU PEOPLE NEED TO STOP MISLEADING THIS NATION and please give credit where it is due.
    I think PMJM and like minded like krama, bird, juffa and others are taking this ciuntry back from foreigners and our own home grown crooks of public servants.

  • Observer just returned from his long hibernation vacation from somewhere and his brain is still on vacation mode. I hope the National shouldn’t publish such pointless rubbish as it only causes grief to rationally thinking PNGeans.

  • Observer, I see that you could be just plain dumb and without understanding. So what do you observe?
    See what Cloudlands have stated above. Maybe you observe but see nothing, a blind man.

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