Marape needs people who think like him


I BELIEVE in God-fearing professionals who do not consume alcohol, play pokies, womanise and abuse public funds.
I believe in those who can point out corrupt practices.
Papua New Guinea is only using 10 per cent of its potential to harness its revenue opportunities while the 90 per cent of opportunities are still untapped.
The Government always depends more on its traditional method of collecting revenue through internal taxation system but cannot even utilise the 90 per cent potential it has to harness its revenue opportunities.
Prime Minister James Marape did the right thing to start off his leadership role with declaring his vision to make PNG the richest black Christian nation.
Marape pronounced a curse unto those who are involved in corruption.
When you involve God, you cannot give responsibilities to people who don’t have the same dream as yours to run the affairs of the State.
When God gave Marape the power, he failed to appoint like-minded leaders to his cabinet and the bureaucracy to drive his mission statement.
His mission statement stormed the global political socio-economic platforms.
Marape has raised the hope of Papua New Guineans, but the implementation of his vision appears to be the total opposite.
This is because of the type of people he engaged to drive his vision statement.
Most of those in his Cabinet are not aligned with his vision statement.
Maybe there was no strategic plan in place to capture and drive his vision.
An assessment has to be done to justify the borrowing undertaken by Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey and the impact these borrowings have on our economy.
Make a comparative analysis to the past governments before the election.
Under his government, Marape made the right decision to appoint Fego Kiniafa to be the permanent PNG Ports Corporation Ltd chief executive officer, Sam Koim to be the International Revenue Commission’s Commissioner-General and David Towe to be the PNG Customs Commissioner.
Through these appointments, Marape has seen God’s blessings because these individuals have the same heart and thoughts as him to make things right and work with honesty and righteousness for the good of this country.
They work with the fear of God Almighty in their heart.
If Marape had done the same to all the State-owned entities, government departments and agencies, he should have achieved great results for the country.
As per his statement, blessings are upon those who perform honestly and curse upon those who perform with greedy hearts and thoughts.
Marape has done well with setting the pace by changing so many laws to safeguard our natural resources to create equal playing field for Papua New Guineans and investors to have equal returns on investment from our resources and not foreign criminals coming to the country and robbing us and depleting all our natural resources just as in the past by the past governments in the name of 10 per cent.
He has done well with changing laws and acts which give power to certain individuals and organisations to milk PNG funds for their personal gains.
The biggest highlight under Marape’s government is reviving the Department of Agriculture and Livestock.
The biggest concern is the Coronavirus pandemic.
Most of our citizens will question the use of funds to address the pandemic, but I have no say in that.
All I see were lies after lies that were creating fear and have suppressed our citizens.
I was a victim of these lies.
People think it’s hard to get there as per Marape’s vision statement, but those of us who have the same heart minded have strong faith in God that we can make it happen together.

Koren Rokas Maso