Marape: No guarantee on Bougainville issue


PRIME Minister James Marape says Bougainville’s secession will affect the nation.
In response to a question on the Bougainville Referendum during a press conference on his return from New Zealand, Marape said when the matter was taken to Parliament, the 111 MPs would vote on their own conscience.
“I cannot give a total guarantee to Bougainvilleans today,” he said.
“Bougainville Referendum has been concluded but the 2001 Bougainville Peace Agreement process has not been concluded.
“Part of that process is bringing the result of that vote back to Parliament. Before it goes to Parliament there will be consultations on both sides.
Marape said Parliament could reject or approve it.
But, in the meantime, he said a lot of discussions would take place.

One thought on “Marape: No guarantee on Bougainville issue

  • Bougainville is an integral part of PNG under one Constitution.
    Thank you Prime Minister Marape for upholding this constitutional issue.

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