Marape not bringing basic services to Tari

Letters, Normal

AS a concerned son of Tari-Pori, I would like to ask Education Minister James Marape when he is going to fulfil his election promises to bring services to the people.
During his election rallies and campaigns in 2007, he promised to bring much needed services to the electorate but so far nothing, has been done.
Now I am wondering whether we will see any tangible development at all.
As an educated person, I am telling my tribesmen and women back at home that we have been taken for a ride.
The government has allocated K10 million to each MP.
We want to know where the funds have gone to.
What is happening to the K4 million allocated for the Tari hospital rehabilitation and K13 million for Hela Technical Secondary School?
Recently, he claimed he had initiated the Hawa prison camp rehabilitation programme and Pai police barracks construction.
But the truth is both projects are funded by the National Planning under the law and justice sector rehabilitation programme.
Mr Marape must realise that he can no longer pull the wool over the people’s eyes.
The people of Tari-Pori are not stupid.


Yiharia Uru-Oo