Marape opens new-look Tari airport, hails Hela success

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PRIME Minister James Marape and his delegation touched down on a sealed Tari airport runway for the first time yesterday as the country celebrated its 45th Independence anniversary.
Marape, the Tari-Pori MP, was there to open the new-look airport. He said flights to Tari would resume while work on the terminal continued.
“Despite what you hear of Hela (about) no development, law and order issues, it is not that bad,” he said.
“We have no sorcery accusation related violence cases here or rape cases. It is only the tribal fighting.
“But even the tribal fighting does not happen every day.”
He reminded the people again to stop fighting.
“We are doing our best to develop our province and you too must do your part by stopping the fighting,” he said.
Marape said Hela now also had a military base and a prison at Hawa. “But all these would still not be possible if we did not get help from outside (other provinces),” he said.
“I thank the teachers, nurses, doctors, and all those who came to serve and have stayed with us all through these years.”
Marape challenged local leaders to be active in promoting law and order in their communities.
Tari airport was opened in 1975 with an unsealed runway which was damaged during the 2018 earthquake.


  • Only development can change the mindset of our people and put them in right, Ive not not been there for sometime but I think Tari is a good place, they have a potential to create nations leader who can lead and influence entire population

  • Congratulation PMJM for the development in Tari. Atleast you have done something better for Hela and PNG as whole.

    proud of you….

  • Most provinces in PNG have airports so good to see Hela Province as a new province have a new airport.

    Like other PNG provinces, the people of Hela Province deserve this new airport.

  • Hela, you have a new airport and please look after it. Hela you are capable, but pls change your mindset. and you will see more tangible development in your Province. Put your tribal fighting and differences aside and go Hela for development b/coz you are a
    resources-rich Province.

  • Why are people writing it is a NEW airport?
    It is over 45 years since it was opened…it says that in the article.
    Have they completed the new fencing too?
    You could jump easily over the old one before it was stolen.

  • Hela is changing and her people payback killings must STOP. This outback province has produced one of our country’s prime minister it’s people must now realize it and make Hela a must place to visit for us local tourists. Currently EHP is the hot spot for PNG local tourists to visit in the Highlands region. Hela’s you can do it. STOP your tribal wars and and I guarantee you, Hela will be on my list every time I visit the Highlands region.

  • Before we make the environment conducive for people from other places to visit Hela, every person in Hela must work together to eradicate the province of those sick minded pests called “Warlords”.
    This sick dogs must be rounded up with their guns and locked away.
    Then Hela will truly see peace, with it’s former glory days restored.

  • Hela has been a problem province for the country. Hope they realise their mistakes and change for better and look after such important projects that result in service delivery. Well done PM and Governor. Now is time to look at education sector to get all children educated so that they don’t waste their time involved in tribal fights and payback killings.

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