Marape tightens up on state spending

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The National, Wednesday 27th March, 2013

The finance department will no longer entertain claims directly submitted from service providers whether individual, companies or investors, Minister James Marape says.
“We have had issues on genuine creditors or whatever claim and I can say the situation is messy right from the start,” he said.
“There are a number of claims from these so-called genuine creditors piling up at the finance office and we have to tighten control.
“From now on, claims against the state must be paid by departments where the claims originate from and within budget provisions. Unnecessary non-budgeted claims will not be entertained by the finance department.
“Finance department should be the last stop for clarification before claims are processed.”
Marape said if claimants were not satisfied then the state solicitor would verify and endorse the claims.
He added that finance would pay only when clearance was given by the concerned department or by the state solicitor.
“We have enough of finance being used as pay office and we have to break that syndicate of claim culture,” he said.
The minister said there were many outstanding claims that would be assessed, verified and paid over time when money was available.
He said claims from the past had been handled ineffectively and the department was currently resolving the issue.