Marape urges students to be faithful to God

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PRIME Minister James Marape has urged Grade 12 students of Kabiufa Adventist Secondary School in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, to be faithful to God.
He made the remarks during the school’s 40th grade 12 graduation on Sunday.
He congratulated the students for making it so far and encouraged them to pursue their dreams, and urged them to put God first in their lives.
“To the graduating batch, if you put God first in your life, that will be the secret to living a joyful, successful and enjoyable life on Planet Earth,” he said.
“I want to encourage all the 238 graduating students here today, that you are not an accident nor a coincident.
“In Christ, you all have a purpose in life.
“Nothing is impossible.
“If you set your goals and pursue them, you will most certainly achieve them.”
The prime minster told the students that no one would give them success in life “nor will anybody else help you progress in life”.
“We are just there to help you walk through in life,” he said.
“If you remain focused with Jesus all the time, it doesn’t matter what, He will take you back to the right road you are supposed to journey on.”
Marape was a student at the school from 1986 to 1989.
Grade 12 students nationwide have 21 days before their national examinations.

One thought on “Marape urges students to be faithful to God

  • James Marape urges SDA high school students to be faithful to God. “If you remain focused on Jesus, He will take you back to the right road.” At the same time he makes this statement to high students, he is everything he can thru dishonest political manuevering to steal a K2 Billion mine from Barrick and Zijin. He is a socialist dictator following the self destructive path of Venezuela.

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