Marape wants to lift cash revenue threshold

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PRIME Minister James Marape, pictured, wants to lift the country’s cash revenue threshold to more than K15 billion in the next two years.
He said in his independence anniversary message that lifting the threshold would deliver positively in the development plans of the 2020s “that can positively impact our country for the better”.
He said revenue collections in the past years did not surpass K10 billion.
“In the next few months, we will be working with ministers and their respective departments to tidy up these directions, plus their own policy views so that we deliver better (outcomes),” he said.
The two-pronged approach are economic and social sector interventions.
“To ensure that our economic reforms and windfalls are secured for the betterment of our country, I have tasked our Deputy Prime Minister, Davis Steven, to take charge of what I term as internal security matters.” He said when PNG borders were secured through social sector programmes, “we will improve from the gains of our economy”.
“The security of our country and our economy depends on an appropriately educated population, a healthy and wealthy population who are productive and law-abiding,” he said.
“This will mean we undertake the following as part of our social sector interventions: The fight against corruption, education plan, health plan and policing plan.”
He said public servants should appreciate what was needed “so that our people, including women, youth, children, men and over eight million shareholders of Papua New Guinea, will know where this Government is taking them.”