Marape warns illegal immigrants

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PRIME Minister James Marape has warned illegal immigrants and foreigners involved in illegal activities to leave the country before they are caught.
During a visit to the Immigration and Citizenship Authority head office in Port Moresby yesterday, he said the Government would be increasing penalties for people who breached immigration laws.
“If we catch you, you will either serve your prison term here, or pay a fine, as well as your own ticket and exit the country,” he said.
Marape was commenting on reports of illegal immigrants engaging in illegal activities in the country.
“This is a warning to everyone that we will charge fines of up to K10,000. You will pay the fine to us, you will pay for your own ticket and we supervise your exit out of our country. (So) you better depart before we catch you,” he said.
“We will slap you with a K10,000 fine and lock you up. If you do not have this money and you cannot pay for your ticket out of the country, then you will serve time in our prison.”
Meanwhile, Immigration and Border Security Minister Westly Nukundj said a taskforce team would be set up to remove foreigners who illegally entered the country, and those conducting businesses illegally.
“We will come down hard on illegal immigrants and those involved in illegal activities,” he said.
He said the team would be in place before the year ended.


  • There’s lots of Bangladesh operating small tuger Shops every where in the settlement in NCD. Its really confusing if they are legally operating or not.. have these people investigated and have them deported if they are illegally doing businesses here..

  • Need to check thoroughly the engagement of foreigners on work or tourist visa. Many are hiding behind shops and doing illegal activities.

  • Let the responsible ministers do their job and report to PM. PM doesn’t need to visit all government agencies or departments, unless a particular situation requires PMs intervention. Delegation of authority makes job easier for those at the top management in any organization to coordinate and get the job done.

    • Bro, for so long previous PMs have visited Depts. PM JM’s visits like this will motivate and also bring to light some of the hidden agendas of public servants when direction like this comes from the top. If you are employed, surely you do not work in isolation without a supervisor or manager guiding you. Dont make this type of Negative comment. The PM knows and is follwing his vision to clean this country and one day our chilren and their children will have the richest black nation on earth.

  • Need to really check all the Businesses owned by those foreigners, they’re registering their business with other intentions… They’re using their registered business to also do another thing. The Malaria Center in Hohola needs to be checked thoroughly and investigated on their purpose in PNG. I can see something fishy going on there

  • Its a huge task to crack down the syndicate operating in the country to check the authenticity of their documents if any. Our own citizens from various state institutions have been benefiting from these illegal immigrants. Where do we start and who do we trust???

  • Yes. Do the right thing. They are too many of them around the country. Some of them are unskilled worker’s don’t know how to speak English..

  • Our prime Minister visiting Departmental heads yes true is that Departmental head to visiting PNG Prime Minister maybe distubs whole activity plan but most of all visiting and PMs present in each department will bring team spirit back to balance the work force in the country and this will enforce PMs word, Bring PNG back as and be as other Nations. But no child leave behain PMs next Word, this maybe for education and for immunization records.last night news on MTV reported x4 measles victims found in Kikori, therefore every child under 5 years should be immunised.

  • No warning of illegal migrants of foreigners into the country, there are al ready in the country so give orders to law enforcers to go around all provinces and check their passport and licences on our they game into the country.

  • What will really need is to setup a collaborated “Special Task Force” unit compromising of Immigration Officials, NIS, Police and a handful of Government Lawyers. The Unit must be independent and report directly to its appointed Head and he/she will report directly to a special Government appointed committee.
    The Unit must be on the streets going from door to door, shops to shop and cracking down on all illegal immigrants and serving them on the spots if found guilty and making immediate arrest.

  • We are targeting the wrong people. We should investigate the department of immigration and arrest those staff that collaborate to allow illegal aliens into our country – including senior officers.

  • Immigration and Citizenship Authority officials have failed and are continuously failing their job allowing these things to happen. They are accepting huge amount of bribes and allowing them enter the country which are resulting in illegal activities going on around the country.
    Impose heavy penalties to the officials first for creating more head aches and extra burdens.

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