Marape will not attend PNC caucus: O’Neill


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says Tari-Pori MP James Marape will not be attending the People’s National Congress Party caucus today because he had already resigned from the party.
He was responding to Marape’s call for him to put the PNC party leadership “on the table” at the caucus meeting.
“As far as we in PNC are concerned, his actions and activities are against party principles and interests and he will not be attending the caucus meeting (today),” he said.
However, Marape said that it was nothing personal against O’Neill and that they were still brothers.
“We only want a change in leadership because we see that what he has been doing is not right.”
“We lack trust in his leadership and feel that it is time for change.”
Hela Governor Philip Undialu “in camp” with Marape also told The National that O’Neill had made it clear that he would not be putting the party leadership “on the table”.
Undialu said to change the Government “we will be standing together with like-minded leaders in the opposition”. “We plan to establish our own team before joining hands with the opposition but we are confident that we will bring 33 MPs to align with the Opposition’s 24 members,” he said.
“We are confident that change is long overdue.”
The People’s National Congress Party will be holding a caucus meeting today.