Marape wishes for UBE to expand

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EDUCATION Minister James Marape is hopeful that the universal basic education (UBE) will expand to give students 12 years of systemic studies by 2020.
This, he said, would give all students the opportunity to complete their education from elementary to Grade 12, preparing them “to go out and face the world”.
According to Marape, the intention of UBE will increase accessibility for students to education by ensuring that fairness is given to more children to be educated.
He indicated that the current rate of students outside of classroom was 47% in contrast to the remainder 53% inside classrooms.
In a presentation at the Granville Hotel yesterday, Marape questioned where students who completed their education at all levels would do next.
He added that quality interventions could also be made in education to improve standards
and quality.
“But quality interventions also comes at a substantial cost,” Marape said.
He indicated that despite the huge budget received from the national government, it was not enough.
Addressing senior standard officers and inspectors from the highlands and southern region, he urged them to work collaboratively in aiding students and teachers.
He said that help should also be sought from respective provincial leaders to assist schools.