Marape’s leadership


PRIME Minister James Marape is to be acknowledged as having the inherent attributes of a visionary leader.
Marape is the type of leader I would rather associate with and be in his reference group, because he seems, from the outset, to care for the bulk of the citizens.
He has set the road map for the people of Papua New Guinea from where we are now, and where the country is to be in next 10 years and beyond.
His vision for Papua New Guinea must be recorded, interpreted, communicated and planned for implementation, and that is the next step for which the prime minister is requesting from every like-minded Papua New Guinean
to contribute toward in achieving.
Everyone in PNG must be wealthy and rich as the vision broadly implies to and the prime minister’s concern for the communities in mentioned societal matrixes has been so much relegated and marginalised from central economic business hub by the successive governments.
Obviously, 44 years is adequate for a fair share of the national wealth to rich the shores of islands: the heart of Goilala and Bewani societal matrixes.
Something definitely went wrong with mandated political leaderships over the past 44 years.
Something special but not favourable in the eyes of the contemporary and the prime minister about these places: Rossel Island, Iwa Island, Gawa Island, Woodlark Island, Bewani and Goilala just to mention few.
These islands (Rossel, Iwa, Gawa and Woodlark) are located on the fringes of Papua New Guinea’s international political boarders and within the 200 mile economic zone floating like jetsam’s or flotsam from shipwreck, mv PNG, awaiting change of direction of the political winds at the whims of the previous prime ministers whether to get wash away off-shore or remain with PNG without loss of their integrities.
Rossel Island has a special relationship with Tari Pori, the home electorate of Marape.
Rev Libai Tiengwa Bul was one of the first pioneer missionaries to leave the shores of Rossel Island for the last Papua District of Tari -Pori to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ under the banner of Methodist Mission in mid 1960s with Rev Ephraim Jonathan from Misima Island.
Leaders climb the tallest trees in the forest and their beacon of light radiates in all four directions and propagate for surveillance purposes and arrest any corrective actions when deviations from original plans (blue prints) are detected through monitoring mechanisms to be devised and adopted for implementation of the vision.
If we do not cooperate with the political leadership in place, then we are a problem ourselves and to any proactive leadership, the sources of problems are major strategic focuses for elimination to achieve executive objectives of the vision.
I believe, there is a need to heed all politicians in the newly instituted Government and, that there is no place for non-performers if the vision is to be implemented from the outset and in future unflinchingly.
Our resolute must be as strong as steel in facilitating our vision to be viable and practically attainable for the common good of all Papua New Guineans.

Esau Dang NOEL
Rossel Islander

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