Marape’s vision


TO achieve the Prime Minister James Marape’s vision for Papua New Guinea, the first thing we need to do is to gather information needed to understand and identify the issues, challenges, and trends that will shape PNG.
The result of such input gathering is also commonly known as “external environmental scanning or baseline reporting both for internal or external”. The “external” issues may refer to all factors with their roots outside of PNG.
As such, the prime minister has moved faster on some of the external issues and boldly told others to pack up and move out if they are not prepare to align with his national vision.
It is also important to gather information about the targeted clients, citizenry of PNG who are the recipients and beneficiaries of goods and services delivered by the Government of PNG.
Are they being served by sharing the wealth (real GDP- inflation considered) of the nation equally?
Such input database helps to identify and understand how to catagorise clients, and more importantly how to characterize their desired outcomes that would result from receiving the services or goods.
Within the contents of these lenses, the prime minister and his team members of his parliamentary elite group can be able to formulate a blue print strategy for the implementation of the Vision for PNG.
We, as the stakeholders of the vision, we have to take ownership of the vision and use the foregoing lenses to support the Prime Minister to collectively formulate a strategy, implementation plan for the national vision, monitoring and corrective action plans to make laterally the vision everlasting and sustainable too.
The vision should set every Papua New Guinean into psychological motion, because vision laterally means travelling from where we are now and to a new pre-determined destiny in a perpetual chronological endeavour.
I urge everyone of us to cooperate with the Marape/Steven leadership in achieving our national vision or we remain as an integral part of the unwanted masses created by successive governments in the past and acquire a state of a system that is left to itself to descend into chaos as it is in the case of entropy; but for our purpose it is in the dynamics of PNG politics.

Vision Supporter