Marape’s wife vows to support husband

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RACHAEL Marape, the wife of Prime Minister James Marape, says she will continue to support her husband in his new role.
The mother of six, originally from East Sepik, told The National that she had always been behind the scene to support him.
“I have a responsibility as a mother and a wife which will not change. I am a simple woman and I do things for myself, even driving around.
“But that may change now. I am a simple and supportive wife. I will ways be there doing whatever I have to do for my husband.”
She was at the Laguna camp with her husband’s group of 28, then moved with them on Wednesday to the Grand Papua.
“After the hard work put in by all the MPs which I witnessed, I was moved in parliament when they were expressing themselves,” she said.
“This is politics – horse trading as they call it – and I was just watching. When I saw them in tears, I also felt for them.
“I know it’s a challenge.
“I’m always in the background just supporting my husband. So this is exactly what I will be doing.
“The Marapes have five sons and a daughter, including a set of twins.
“I informed my children three weeks ago that this was expected to happen and the older ones accepted.
“But the younger children said they did not like the idea because that would mean not having to spend time with their father.”