Marat notes importance of education

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POOR library and classroom facilities will result in a poorly educated labour force that cannot bring about development.
Such failures must be blamed on successive governments over the years.
“Illiteracy also takes hold of the workforce.
“The workers become recipients of low wages and, unless that ill-preparedness of our labour force is addressed resolutely, our nation will either remain a developing country or slide into an under-developed or undeveloped nation,’’ Member for Rabaul and Minister for Justice and Attorney-General Dr Allan Marat said.
Dr Marat was addressing students at the Malaguna Technical High School this week during the launch of a fundraising drive to rebuild five classrooms that were razed last year.
He said a well-informed population would make the right choices.
“Our economy would deteriorate into an uncontrollable level of abject poverty.
“Current indications of abject poverty at the ward levels are plenty.
“Stealing from gardens is a sure sign of abject poverty.
“Prostitute and the consequential spread of HIV/AIDS are sure signs of hopeless poverty,” Dr Marat said.
“An educated and an intellectually empowered population is the answer; and these five buildings are an important part of intellectual empowerment.”
Dr Marat said Rabaul was doing its best to improve the quality of education in the district.
More funds have been committed to education in the district compared to other sectors.
“We are doing our best in the district to improve accessibility to education services and through school infrastructure development; about K680,000 for seven elementary school classrooms this year, and improve student transition from primary to high schools and secondary and tertiary institutions.”
He said there were strategies in place for effective financial management in primary schools.
Dr Marat said at the moment, there was K500,000 sitting in the school relief support fund for all Rabaul district schools.