Marat urges NJSS secretary to ensure lawyers’ safety

National, Normal


ATTORNEY-GENERAL Dr Allan Marat wants National Judiciary Staff Services (NJSS) secretary Ronald Silovo to control the public’s movement in court premises.
“This is to ensure there is adequate security in the courts so  lawyers feel safe to discharge their duties as court officials.
“People talk about the protection of the law, but protection of the law must come with quality enforcement and quality enforcement with integrity,” the AG told The National yesterday.
Dr Marat acknowledged the democratic rights of freedom of movement and expression by the people but “when it comes to the upholding the rule of law, there must be safeguards”.
He was commenting on The National’s report yesterday on concerns raised by lawyer Stephen Kassman, who expressed the increasing fears of lawyers within the legal fraternity for their safety, both in and out of the court room.
Mr Kassman cited the murder attempt on Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek last December and the increasing threats to the lives of lawyers representing prominent or sensitive cases.
Dr Marat admitted that the trend was “getting out of hand”.
Soon after Mr Kassman made his comments, the Chief Justice said he had appointed a judge to look into security at the courts.
“That is the job of the NJSS secretariat,” Dr Marat said.