Marawaka needs help


THE people in remote Marawaka in Eastern Highlands have missed out on basic government services since 1975.
It is a very large landmass with 34 ward council areas.
The approximate population living in the area is over 20,000 which covers parts of Gulf, Morobe and Eastern Highlands.
The community access basic goods and services by plane and few by Menyamya road, Morobe.
Since the establishment of the government station, Marawaka has been neglected by its own leaders with silly excuses such as hard terrains.
The district administration, political leaders and public servants are not collaborating in delivering services which has resulted in mismanagement in office.
The Obura-Wonenara district office is currently operating around the streets of Kainantu and Goroka where it shouldn’t be.
Marawaka has a district office which the local MP should renovate and upgrade as the headquarter for Obura- Wonenara.
The health centres and aid posts are operating without medicines, mothers are facing difficulties during child birth and schools are not purchasing enough materials because a huge chunk of the funds are drained by air freight charges.
We sustain our community and meet school fees for tertiary students without the support from our local MP.
The Marawaka sub-district is the last of all the districts in the country, accessing government services is poor.
The Marawaka-Menyamya road is the only highway that the people of Marawaka use to access government services in Lae.
The local MP should sign an agreement with the Menyamya MP to upgrade this road link.

Gemel Wox Wasi,
Marawaka Struggler

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