Marawaka road issues needs sorting


MARAWAKA needs attention to address the issue of road block after two people were killed in a car accident at Sikwong mountain in Morobe.
Community leaders Goipe and Kiriwasi have urged the Menyamya community to let Marawaka students access the road after paying K2,958 and a pig as compensation.
However, the amount did not meet expectations and the road is still unsafe for students to travel back to school for this academic year.
The Marawaka community is calling on their MP and president to look into this issue.
There seem to be no leaders or role models.
When it comes to election time, the people are confused which person to elect.
In trouble times, it’s the community who solve their own issues.
Leadership is lacking and ignored in the Yelia local level government since Papua New Guinea gained independence.
The only road the community access has been blocked.
Politicians and public servants should help young people contribute to the development of their communities and the country.

Marawaka Struggler

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