Marie Stopes reaches out to mothers

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IT is vital that women and their partners know the importance of family planning, 64-year-old Marie Stopes outreach coordinator Sr Hane Kariku said.
Kariku, along with Marie Stopes community-based service provider Sr Moika Arua, 66, have been travelling to rural communities along Central’s Hiritano and Magi highways preaching the message of family planning, contraceptives, maternal and child health and HIV/AIDS.
“Many women die from childbirth or suffer from pregnancy-related health issues.
“In the rural areas where access to basic health services is difficult, the majority of our women bear in silence the pain of reproductive health problems,” Kariku said.
“Knowing how to manage pregnancies, knowing how your body system works and having regular health checks is very important to maintaining good health,” she added.
Speaking to a small crowd of parents and singles at Pinu village, Central, last Saturday, Kariku said making an educated decision on what contraceptives to use in managing pregnancies was a responsibility couples must take.
“Having more babies is good for the family but not so good for the mother in the long run.
“There are contraceptives, including pills, which can be taken to space your children, or prevent more pregnancies.
“By managing pregnancies, you ensure the mother is well rested, her body has enough time to recover, she is happy and strong to take care of the family,” she explained.
Kariku also used the opportunity to conduct awareness on HIV/AIDS.
“In a year, about 16 million people die of AIDS around the world. Of these, about 8,000 people die per day while about 250 people acquire HIV per hour.
“Everyone must be wary of the disease, and take care to avoid the disease,” she said.