Marienberg urged to return computers

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ANGORAM district administrator Aloy Agat has appealed to the people of Marienberg to return the stolen computers from the Marienberg Community College.
Six computer monitors were removed from the college almost a fortnight ago because the door of one of the two computer laboratories was faulty.
It can not be confirmed whether authorities knew about the faulty door.
However, locals told Mr Agat during his visit there recently that the door was always faulty since it arrived.
Quick action by police retrieved two computers.
Four are still missing.
Mr Agat said respect was an important aspect of life and unless they started respecting by not stealing from each other in their own houses and gardens, they would never learn to respect Government property which was put there for their benefit.
He also announced that Angoram MP and State Enterprises Minister Arthur Somare would supply two classrooms each for all schools in Angoram, including Marienberg.
He also announced that the Government had allocated K30 million for road link between Bogia in Madang and Angoram in East Sepik in this year’s budget.