Marijuana operation progressing: Beli

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

AN initiative to clamp down on marijuana and homebrew consumption in Chimbu is making progress, a senior police officer says.
Acting provincial police commander Supt Albert Beli told The National yesterday that “Operation Weeding Grass”, initiated by the police and Chimbu provincial administration, had seen many marijuana plants uprooted and homebrew equipment confiscated.
“The programme is continuing at the same speed because I am concerned about the future of our young people,” Beli said.
“We want the young people to become good citizens of society and marijuana and homebrew are not doing anything good to anyone, especially our children and the youths. We are continuing this operation and we see great progress with assistance from Governor Noah Kool, provincial administrator Joe Kunda and the provincial administration.”
Beli said marijuana and homebrew were destroying the livelihood of people and police were taking a strong stance against them.