Maritime authority declines to comment on COI report

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The National, Friday 7th September, 2012

THE National Maritime and Safety Authority has declined to comment on the report of investigations into the sinking of the mv Rabaul Queen.
As one of the bodies investigated in the inquiry, the authority said it would make an official response when it had fully read and seen the report that was tabled in Parliament on Wednesday.
An authority spokeswoman said it had neither received a copy of the report nor seen one and so it would not make any response.
She said until the authority had thoroughly read the document it could not respond publicly.
The report is now a public document and has provided findings into the sinking of the mv Rabaul Queen on Feb 2.
The sinking of Rabaul Queen, which is described as the country’s worst maritime disaster, claimed  more than 140 lives.
The report said the authority had failed in its duties of sea safety, which contributed to the tragedy.
The report provided 34 proposals for the government to take on in the safety of maritime transport.
Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion told the parliament on Wednesday that work had already progressed into effecting the proposals that mostly called for reviewing and amending of Acts, regulations, laws and policies dealing with the authority.