Market closure wrong

Letters, Normal

The National- Thursday, February 3, 2011

 I WRITE as a Papuan to express my frustration over the recent closure of Gordon market by Governer Powes Parkop for an indefinite period.

Instead of closing the market, because of animalistic acts by outsiders, he should remove them instead from the city.

Gordon market does not belong to Taris or Engans, they should go back to their home provinces and continue their fight there. 

Papuans from Sogeri, Kairuku, Goilala and Rigo, among others, depend on this market to sell their garden produce and buy food and clothing from nearby shops to support their families.

Now that the market is closed, the regular vendors will look for space at other markets and that is likely to cause tension with the regular vendors of those markets because space is limited.



Papuan resident

Port Moresby