Market expansion plans get K100,000 boost from Basil

National, Normal

The National, Friday 21st September 2012

WAU market is undergoing expansion work to cater for the increasing number of vendors seeking space to sell their produce daily.                                                  
Deputy opposition leader and Bulolo parliamentarian Sam Basil recently gave K100,000 to acting Wau-Bulolo urban local level government manager Angkas Kupa. The money was to be used to clear land to allow for construction work on a new additional market house to start later this month. 
The new market will have a council office for market officials and a police post, with two reserve policemen based permanently at the new post to provide security for vendors.       
Three new additional markets will be built at Mairu Block, Wara Wau and Ado compound, while the proposed new Jabarnadi market site is under land ownership dispute and will be relocated to a new venue later this month.                      
The market projects in Bulolo district have been funded by Basil at a cost of K500,000 to enable women vendors to have better and properly constructed market facilities to conduct their business.  
Three new markets have been opened at Baiyune, Witipos and Gawapu on the Wau-Bulolo highway.
The mothers thanked Basil for the allocation of funds for the construction of their new permanent market houses.