Market unsafe


POPONDETTA town market is becoming unsafe for mothers selling food items and for the public doing marketing.
The market is being controlled by criminals, homebrew and drug addicts.
Our mothers traveling as far as Kokoda, Oro Bay, Afore and Kikiri villages are being harassed, robbed and assaulted daily in the market.
Drunkards can pick whatever they want from the vendors.
When the vendors resist, they are stoned, assaulted or knifed on the spot.
Pick pocketing is common.
A building owned by the market is being used by drug dealers to trade. They escape through the back fence to Ombora and Goruta Streets when police arrive.
Illegal activities hav­e continued for so long and I believe the town authorities are aware of this.
I am asking the Governor and his good Ijivitari MP to take note of this.
Put a new fence with barbed wires and demolish the little house inside the market.
Build a police guard house in the market and the back gates should be closed.
Remember that the safety and lives of the people are in your hands.
Please do something now to stop this illegal activities occurring at the market.

Market Papa

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