Markham giving NID registration the big push


The Markham district in Morobe will work with the community development division to register and issue National Identity cards to people in the district.
MP Konnie Iguan said the district would support civil registration under Morobe community development division to register people in the local level governments of Leron-Wantoat, Umi-Atzera and Onga-waffa in the next five years.
He said he wanted to see everybody in Markham given cards to help the delivery of services.
Iguan said he wanted to change people’s way of living and the NID would help in identifying populated areas so the district development authority could prioritise its development needs.
He was speaking at the launching and presentation of NID cards and birth certificates to more than 1300 people of Umi-Atzera at Mitsing village.
Iguan described the number of people given NID cards as an eye opener for him.
“I am fully supporting this programme,” he said.
“I will have my DDA sit with the association (Ngasa-Asam) and adopt the programme into the district.”