Markham has had enough of living in the dark


THE people of Markham see powerlines running above them and pylons all over their land yet they have no electricity.
Now they are calling on PNG Power to supply them electricity after decades of living in the dark.
Markham MP Koni Iguan said there were 306 power pylons from the Taraka substation in Lae to Erap ending at Waterais.
“Yet, the Markham people sleep, live and eat in darkness although the transmission power pylons and lines run through our valley,” Iguan said.
Iguan attended the commissioning of the Ramu transmission system reinforcement project at Ngaruyang, Waterais in Markham on Wednesday.
The event also saw the presentation of 39 incorporated land groups and birth certificates to the Marawasa people who are now connected to an electricity supply for the first time. “We do not want PPL and the Government to see us as spectators upon our indigenous habitats,” Iguan said.
“We want to become partners in the development of the Ramu project.
“The 22kv supply of power should connect all Markham inhabitants along the valley and possibly to either side of Onga-Waffa and the Atzera people as far as Leron-Wantoat.
“The Markham district development authority is prepared to chip in with funding.”
Iguan said the Markham DDA allocated K100,000 a year to support PNG Power’s rural electrification programme.
“Why should Markham continue to live in darkness while PNG is developing? If Wafi-Golpu needs this power to become the richest mine, the Markham people also need this power to improve their livelihood,” Iguan said.

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