Markham MP joins PNG Party

Lae News, Normal


Markham MP and former leader of People’s Labour Party Koni Iguan who left his party to join PNG Party said that the move was done in the best interest of the party and for the good of his district and himself.
Iguan, who said in an interview that lack of cooperation between the party executives had forced him to join the PNG party.
He said if there was cooperation and regular consultation between him and the executives then, he would not have left the party as he was going to lead the party into the 2012 elections.
He said he did not want to be blamed for poor performance in the coming election as there was no support and regular dialogue.
“I worked in isolation as there was no cooperation and support from the party executives and I do not want to be blamed if the party does not perform well as we never have any consultation and there was no support,” he said.
The PLP won two seats in the 2007 general election, Iguan and the member for Daulo Kondo Patrick.
Iguan said he decided to join PNG party to team up with other young and vibrant leaders to make a change after Sir Mekere Morauta decided to hand over the leadership to Belden Namah.
He said many other like minded leaders had also decided to join the party so he wanted to be part of the team to take in the party into the elections and possibly form the next government.
Among those that have defected are Telefomin MP Peter Iwei leaving his People’s Democratic Party, a coalition partner in the government, Okapa MP Ferao Orimyo from PPP.
PNG Party’s number further increased when PNG Country Party led by Jamie Maxtone-Graham and member for Chuave Jim Nomane merged with PNG Party and boost the number to 10 members.