Markham pumps money into education

Lae News, Normal


THE Markham district has invested K1.5 million from its K10 million in developing education.
Member of Parliament Koni Iguan said he wanted “the children to learn to live healthy lives and become law abiding citizens in a peaceful society”.
“I believe in education for a better educated community to work collectively and cope with current global changes,” he said.
Mr Iguan was speaking at the launching of a double classroom at Zumin Primary School.
He also gave two vehicles, one each for the police, and health.
The health vehicle will act as a mobile health clinic to patrol remote villages.
He also gave three Lucas Mills, one each to Onga Wafa, Umi Atzera and Leron Wantoat LLGs to mill wood.
He will also buy two dump trucks and an ambulance for women in Onga Wafa LLG.