Markham secondary now switched on in classrooms


Markham Valley Secondary School (MVSS) in Morobe is the sixth school to receive solar lights in classrooms.
As part of the 2018 BSP community project initiative, BSP Lae corporate and finance staff with the assistance of a contractor, installed solar panels in grade 10 and 12 classrooms at MVSS.
BSP head of corporate banking for Lae, Gary Sugars, handed over the project last Monday.
He urged the community to take care of the equipment as it would benefit more students in the future.
“We are pleased that we can give back to each of our communities, and contribute to improving the lives of people in the community,” Sugars said. “Out of 48 community projects planned for this year, Mendi, Kundiawa, Vanimo and Mt Hagen branches including Gordon’s Commercial Centre, have successfully completed and handed over their projects under the 2018 theme, ‘solar lights in high schools’.”
Principal Billy Kayo received the solar lighting systems project and thanked the BSP team for its initiative to improve students’ study environment.
“With the installation of the solar panels and lighting equipment, the students are able to go for night studies without fear of having power cuts due to generator failures or the main power supply going out,” he said.
“The lights are now in use.”

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