Martial arts school open to new students

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RESIDENTS living around Murray Barracks area will have the opportunity to join a new martial arts club, Toojee Taekwondo (PNG) when they open their doors at the Kings Berry Theatre on Saturday.
Chief instructor Paul Muriki Jr from Manam Island, Madang said the Toojee taekwondo is open to people from all walks of life.
He said there would be classes for  male and female students from the age of seven and upwards.
Muriki, who is a second dan black belt in Toojee taekwondo, said there would be three training sessions a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at Kings Berry Theatre.
He said he would be assisted by Kamane Akia and Collin Obed, who are first dan black belt holders, in the same discipline.
Muriki is encouraging unemployed youths to take up martial arts to instill discipline in their lives.
Muriki Jr said the annual subscription fee for Toojee taekwondo is K55 while the training fee of K3 for every training session.
He has contacted his Master Robert Frost of Toojee Taekwondo (Australia) regarding the development and promotion of the toojee in PNG.
Frost has agreed to take up monthly trips to provide special training for potential black belt martial artists recommended by Toojee Taekwondo (PNG).
Toojee Taekwando (PNG) has  also set up two security training service centres in Port Moresby.
The centres will provide training for security personnel on the handling of  weapons and how to counter attacks at their work places.
Interested  firms should  contact Muriki Jr on 72678406 or Jill Pijui on 72981274 for more information.