Martin Luther Seminary to make bold moves

Lae News, Normal

THE new four-member student representative council (SRC) for Martin Luther Seminary (MLS) yesterday made a bold stand to push for major improvements and changes to the state of  campus facilities and welfare of the students.
The seminary, jointly owned by the Gutnius Lutheran church (GLC) and the Evangelical Lutheran church (ELC), will become a campus of the Lutheran University of PNG.
 SRC president Jack Kenenga said: “There needs to be more developments than at present.”
Mr Kenenga said that MLS was the highest learning institution in the church, and was recognised internationally.
He said the new SRC would push for changes in several areas and functions of the seminary.
He said the six-year term to achieve a diploma was too long and should  be reduced to four years.
 He said this proposition was supported by the Office of Higher Education.
He said the SRC wanted to develop some of the campus for a poultry and pig farm.
“A huge portion of the institution’s land is now being used by settlers from the surrounding communities to make gardens,” he said.
He also wants boarding lodges for married students to be increased and also to improve the state of the dormitories.
“It is proper for the families of theological students to be with them on campus as they will be with them when they are in the field,” he said.